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Carnaval de Venise: Behind the Scenes

Looking into the opera, and on the players within. 

Featured at the Boston Early Music Festival in 2017, our program sought to follow the direction of Andre Campra's opera "Carnaval de Venise." We begin with the prologue: Minerva, goddess of wisdom, is observing the preparations of the carnival. Upset at the terrible disarray, she beckons gods of the arts to assist her in creating music, architecture, and paintings suitable for this event.   ​


We then delve into the city of Venice. Antonio Vivaldi, with his selection of trio sonatas, as well as composer Baldassare Galuppi are featured. We also include smaller orchestra pieces from Campra's opera to tie these larger works together.  ​


Finally, our program ends in an homage to Andre Campra and his opera, which is the product of a French work depicting daily life in Italy. To expand on his notion, we bring "La Piemontoise" by Francois Couperin, a French sonata that explores the music styles of Italy. ​


Sample pieces:

La Minerve (c. 1737) - Bernard de Bury

La Piemontoise (1726) - Francois Couperin

Carnaval de Venise Campra front_edited_e
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