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The Gentle Shepherd: Moments of Peace

Exploring the music of Scotland and Ireland in the 18th century. 
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This program seeks to explore the repertoire found in late eighteenth-century Scotland and Ireland a world largely unknown to us. Notable is the set of 12 flute sonatas by Thomas Roseingrave, an Irish composer that worked in London. Scotch songs were a standard way to begin new students on learning the flute, and here we feature a selection of popular songs from Jacob Wragg's "The Flute Preceptor."

Music such as reels and strathespeys were common in Scotland, and to highlight this we will look to the collection of Duncan MacIntyre, written for treble instrument and continuo. Finally, our program will feature music from one of the first Scottish operas, "The Gentle Shepherd."

Sample Pieces:

Fy gar rub her o'er wi' ftrae (1725) - arr. Allen Ramsay

Within a Mile of Edinburgh - arr. Jan Ladislav Dussek

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