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Reading Jane Austen's Novels with Music

Gaby and I have spent the past year cultivating our mission to connect music to other humanities, specifically through Jane Austen and her musical training. Our upcoming Texas concerts, A Stroll Through London: Music by Jane Austen, continues this trend. In our performances, we always give audiences some context into each composer and their work, highlighting various aspects of the music to provide a fuller (and hopefully more exciting) experience. For a summary glance at Jane Austen’s life as a musician, check out my previous blog post on the “trinity of Austenian music” here.

This time, however, we will be taking a more literary twist in our concert. While I will still be providing some information on the music we play, Gaby will be acting as our gateway to Austen, reading direct quotes from each of the novels. Each of Austen’s novels are known for their glimpse into people’s daily lives in London and the surrounding towns. Female protagonists study music, sparks of romance develop with a country dance, and popular folk songs are commonplace in the drawing room. With our lecture partially curated by Jane Austen, audiences will be given a more intimate view of London and the subtle everyday presence of music. 

October 11 7:30pm 

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church

7611 Park Ln, Dallas, TX 75225

October 12 7pm

Private Residence, Dallas, TX*

October 13 3pm

Private Residence, Denton, TX*

October 14 6pm

Tarrant County College Northwest Campus

4801 Marine Creek Parkway, Fort Worth, TX 76179

*If you are interested to attend please contact us for directions.

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