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Stages of Quarantine... so far!

If this is your first time here, WELCOME! I am delighted you have joined our newsletter! Make sure to read our prior issues!

Back at the beginning of March, when COVID-19 first took over our lives and the nation was advised to practice social distancing in addition to staying home I could not stop myself from going on complete PANIC MODE (1st stage). As a freelancer, I kept opening email after email with news of concert tours and gigs being cancelled left and right. It was not easy to deal with. Next obstacle to face was students’ parents refusing to transition into online lessons, ending with more and more students dropping out of private lessons because their parents were losing their jobs. March was a rough month.

⁣(2nd stage - grief )While scrolling through social media, I would continuously see posts by artists coming up with new business ideas right from under their sleeves. 🆘 I had to pause and remind myself with kindness that we all are different and deal with life in all sorts of ways.⁣

BUT not all messages were about success, there was a lot of sadness and loss which I use as an inspiration (3rd stage). Staying home during quarantine has allowed me to set time aside to take care of projects and responsibilities that have been sitting on the back burner for quite a while for lack of time. I have been able to collaborate with other artists far and near as technology has provided us with resources and tools to stay connected and keep making art. 🌈

I can hardly believe 6 months have passed since quarantine started. I have learned so much about prioritizing, curating programs for livestream concerts and working on my dissertation. One of the projects that has come out of this time at home has been Amaranti’s short video concert series. As an ensemble, we aim to keep Historical Performance relevant and accessible to our audience. 2020 continues to bring challenges for in person live performances therefore we continue to rethink ways to share our music🎶🎵

If you have not seen our videos yet, I would like to invite you to check them out on our YouTube channel. Consisting of a series of 8 videos (4 on each topic) Kyle and I have been creating short video clips to describe our time during quarantine!

Enjoy our short video concert series and do not forget to subscribe to our channel!

Gaming and popular tunes - “The Modern Drawing Room” Stuck at home with a clavichord in the living room, it's the perfect time to reimagine the classic 18th-century drawing room. Tune in to this bi-weekly series where Kyle plays his favorite tunes from video games, movies, and his classical repertoire.

Anna Bon and Contemporaries - “Virtuosa di Musica di Camera:” No traveling, no gigs, and less teaching left Gaby with a lot of “free time.” Productive personality, she finally has the time to do the work she has been putting off for almost a year. Watch Gaby face the many stages of COVID-19 as she works through her dissertation.

I am not sure what the future will look like but for now let’s keep making art (4th stage - creativity)!


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