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Sanssouci: A Night with Frederick the Great

At the summer palace, with music by the King of Prussia.
Frederick the Great at Sanssouci.jpg

Of all the political figures in the eighteenth century, one of the most prominent was Frederick the Great, King of Prussia. His versatility as a talented tactician at war and passionate patron of musical arts were remarkable, leading his country to sustain a dynamic presence in history. Our program seeks to honor him, by taking our audience through the aural setting of Sanssouci, Frederick's summer palace in Potsdam. 

Featured is one of his many compositions for solo traverso with continuo, which will highlight Frederick's preference for virtuosity. One of his most notable achievements was his unexpected victory in the Battle of Rosbach, for which an anonymously-composed battle sonata was written. 

Sample pieces:

Sonata for Flute, SpiF 154 - Frederick the Great

Prussian Sonata in C Major (c. 1740) - C.P.E. Bach / arr. Collins

The Battle of Rosbach - Anonymous

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